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JULY 2009

Gordon Waller www.gordonwaller.com June 4, 1945 - July 17, 2009 RIP. It is with sadness that I write that Gordon Waller has passed away. He will be sadly missed and I am sure that Heaven is a little bit more lively now he has arrived to talk to his friends and sing many of all our loved ones there some great songs. One song in particular that we can all do with a listen to now and then is " World Without Love ". This was the song that Peter and Gordon took to No 1 world wide back in the 60's. Gordon Waller went into cardiac arrest on the evening of July 16, 2009 and died early in the morning of July 17, 2009 at a hospital near his home in Connecticut.
Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller, born on June 4th, 1945 in Braemar, Scotland was a singer/songwriter/Guitarist and he is was best known as "Gordon" of 1960s duo Peter and Gordon, whose biggest hit was "A World Without Love". While attending Westminster School, he first met fellow student Peter Asher, and they began playing together as a duo, "Peter & Gordon"

Peter Asher is the older brother of actress and businesswoman Jane Asher, who in the mid-1960s was girlfriend of The Beatles' Paul McCartney. Through this connection he and Gordon were often provide with the opportunity to listen to and or record the unrecorded Lennon-McCartney songs. Most notably their first and biggest hit, 1964's decidedly Beatlesque "A World Without Love" was penned by Lennon and McCartney.

After Peter & Gordon disbanded in 1968, Peter, took charge of the A&R department at The Beatles' Apple Records label, where he signed a then-unknown James Taylor and agreed to produce the singer-songwriter's debut solo album. The album was not a success, but Peter was so convinced that Taylor held great potential that he resigned his post at Apple to move to the United States and work as Taylor's manager. He also produced Taylor's recording over several decades.

In recent years Peter and Gordon came back together and the magic was rekindled. Tours and various performances have been made and on July 19, 2008 Peter & Gordon performed together at The Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, on the bill that night were Chad & Jeremy with whom both duos sang the final concert song (BYE BYE LOVE) together for only the second time ever. On August 21, 2008, they performed a free concert on the pier in Santa Monica, California, briefly accompanied by Joan Baez to standing ovations and a crowd of 17,000 + attending. You can get a sample here of their recent live sound with their performance of " World Without Love " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnZklQdQnCM

I was fortunate to have had the great pleasure to work with Gordon and to interview him along with some of his great friends including John Walker, Mel Carter and Chris Montez. They were amazing interviews and they took you straight to the 60's and the hey day of the British Invasion. Gordon talked about his adventures with Peter, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Beatles tours, Mel, John Walker, Chris Montez, his family, the trains he loved and most of all just life and music. His friends are true gents and a test to the character of any man to have friends that he can call on to visit that go back over 40 to 50 years. We will all miss him and his zest for music, trains and all things that were rolled into the package that was Gordon Waller. We will make these interviews available on the website in the coming week for all to download and I hope that everyone enjoys them as much as we did recording them.

You can visit his website for all the latest news at www.gordonwaller.com and if you would like to see the great Peter and Gordon in action then please feel free to click on the link to see the Peter and Gordon Web TV http://bluepie.mysiteeasy.com/peterandgordon

Rest in peace Gordon. All out love and warm wishes are sent to his family, his ex Wife Georgina and his long time friend and musical partner Peter Asher. Our love and warm thoughts are with you all.


Damien Reilly
Blue Pie


In August this year Peter and Gordon reformed to help their friend Mike Smith, the concert was a great success and the stars of the night were Peter and Gordon. They showed that time does not change talent and their stars are certainly shining. We have put together some of the great emails that have been flowing in for all to read and also a link to the FOX networks news story on the night. Please feel free to email us your stories.

FOX NEWS - Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Live at the Mike Smith Benefit
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The funniest part besides the glasses bit (Was that planned?) was when the XM D.J. busted into P&G's dressing room and interviewed you. I could see it in my mind. Peter and Gordon and you (and maybe someone else) all basking in post performance high and this guy comes in and starts interviewing. Sort of like getting laid and having someone come in post orgasm and asking "How was it?".  I was laughing my ass off and got it all on cassette tape.  ( do you want a copy?)   I made a recording on tape of the whole thing off the XM. So if you want a copy of the XM thing with DJ reactions and such I can sent it too you. Most likely you've got a better copy off the board. The tape I made has some tape hiss but is a fair recording. I plan on buying the DVD and/or the CD when it comes out for Mike Smith and will encourage others to get it too.   The whole world is buzzing about Peter and Gordon touring. But you know with Peter so busy with his job maybe one show with an orchestra with a documentary DVD/CD would be something that would get all the Peter and Gordon addicts their fix without going on the road.

Bill and Carole
P.S. We are still glowing from listening to that show. They did a very good job. Well done! 

IT WAS FABULOUS!!!! Claude and I had absolutely the BEST TIME!!! We thought of the whole thing as an adventure and just rolled along with it all....... The concert was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't have been better. I kept saying to Claude that Paul Shaffer just seemed to having the best time - like he was finally living his dream to play with all of these legends of the British Invasion...in fact, every single one of the performers just seemed like they were having the best time - enjoying themselves and giving it all they had. Their kind words in regards to Mike was so touching and it was undeniable that there is a great deal of love and respect for Mike by these guys!! They were all wonderful - but, I think Peter and Gordon totally blew everyone away!!! After 35 years, being together again singing and performing, ....well, it was written all over their faces - they were loving it and they were soooo good! I think they were totally blown away by the fact that were given a huge standing ovation and brought back to do an encore performance. The joke that Gordon told was sooooo funny (very tongue in cheek...) and I can't remember it exactly (darn it!) - but, it had something to do with Dave trying to buy (or was it selling) a song.....LOL!!!! Claude, can you remember???

Anyway, the Zombies were fabulous!!! And Denny Lane was GREAT!!!

Claude, again thank you for being such a great traveling partner!!! We had a great time!!!!


Gordon -

I had the honor of being in the audience when you and Peter performed at the Mike Smith benefit in NYC. I wanted to thanks you for being so gracious and signing my card at the show. I am having it mounted with an old exhibit vending card of Peter and Gordon and a photograph I took of you performing that night.

I am a 52 year old, lifelong fan of British Invasion music, in particular you and Peter. I never thought I would get to see you guys live, and it was a night I will never forget. Thank you for helping out Mike Smith, and making it so special for myself and so many other fans.

Marty G.

Dear Gordon,
Wow did you guys hear the applause you got when you came out on stage the other night!! I was sitting in Spain and listening and had to get up and start dancing!! Our poor dog thought I'd lost my mind...not because I was dancing but because I wasn't dancing to Mike singing!! When his records come on the radio she recognizes his voice and gets all excited. Boy has he got her trained. I loved your rendition of Because...you got me crying you know!!! I told you that was our song so it meant a lot hearing it. Thank you for singing it. I loved the strings. Gordon, you and Peter sounded so great and then just as Peter was talking about his glasses the radio station went off!! I went beserk and it took me a few minutes to get the station back on. But when I did they went to an interview with you in your dressing room. Whew!! There was a lot of back ground noise so couldn't hear your interview really well but what I did hear was great. Thank you both so much for appearing for Mike. Now when are you coming over to London? Can't wait to see you. Please keep in touch and let us know how things went.

Lots of big hugs

Gordon, good to hear from you... I looked   fairly miserable??? well I think I was just exhausted, long air flight,they had us standing outside in the heat for a couple of hours before they would let us in,for the second show I had to go back out and get in line again for an hour, so all of us were drained... but I loved both shows, thought they were great, a lonnnnnnnnng night........ you look great... you sounded great, on those solos like "True Love Ways" & "Woman" and "Because" your voice sounded better than ever. everyone at the club was talking that we are watching history tonight with the P & G reunion. I am so glad I was there!!!!!!! this one girl who was sitting at my table was crying, BIG TIME CRYING! when you were singing "Woman". what a night!!!!  I did get one of those posters that all of you signed. thanks for the photo...great shot!


Hello Gordon,
I attended the first show at BB King's for Mike. What a incredible evening!  You and Peter looked like you were having fun..everyone loved it!  So good to hear all those songs live!  Thanks for giving your time and talent.

I'm a fan and friend of Peter Noone.  Peter and his "Noonatics" have been sending Mike money since last November.   And have raised over $40,000.00 for Mike. Peter's goal was to see that Mike got the best wheelchair money could buy.  I'm very proud to have been just a little part in doing that. 

Stop by Peter's chat and say Hi some evening. www.peternoone.com

Thanks again for helping Mike!

Nanci from Florida

Hi Mate,
thanks for the photo's. What a great gig for you and Pete, what ashame it had to be under shit circumstances, however life has to go on. Good write ups babe ,what songs did you perform,and for how long? Isn't it great to go back on stage and relive your former glory after a period of time. I know the feeling, I love it ,especially when I worked with Cliff Bennett and then leave him and get the old muckers together and do White Plains. I wish you well mate, please keep in touch.

Love as always, Robin B xx