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This page is for the musicians, record labels, songwriters and artists that are looking to work with an experienced team. If you need help on that song writing project then please read on. I work with some of the best people in the business. The strength of my abilities lies in my experience, the team at Blue Pie Productions www.bluepie.com.au, my contacts globally and the fact that we produce great music and we know what we are doing, it's that simple. The hard part is working out how to get the market to buy your records. This is a subject that I leave to the management and marketing people.

If you are looking for help and want to get your demo's in order or would like to talk to someone with experience then please make contact with Blue Pie in the first instance. The most important advice that I can give is to make sure that you are clear in what you want to achieve. Try and have all your music together, be as professional as you can and make sure that you present your material in such a way that it is easy for me and my team to understand what you want to do. Please do not send me a demo tape and say "Hey listen to this and see what you think " . This only does two things. It wastes your time and gets your tape thrown in the bin.

We all have one commodity that we have to value and that is time. If you are serious about your production making it to the airwaves and getting your career underway or if you have a solid career now and you are looking for your next hit then please feel free to make contact with us. We will give you our honest and only our honest view of the material. We will then work out a plan to take things to the next step if both sides are willing to take things forward.

I can not impress upon you more than to make sure that you are organised. If you want us to what we do best then follow the next steps and use this as your check list and then get in touch.

  • Demo - Have this in a CD with all your correct information listed on the CD
  • Lyrics - Make sure that they are all typed out with your full name and contact details on them
  • Project - Make sure you provide a solid and very detailed brief about your project and we can give your brief the same energy to review it and then provide you with a plan of attack.
  • Contacts - Please make sure you outline what industry contacts that you have in place already. If they are NONE. Then make sure you spell this out.
  • Budget - This is an important area. We need to know what your budget is. This is not so we can charge you a fortune but for us to know how to treat the project. We get involved in projects that have little to no budget and then some that have very large budgets and have orchestra's and well known producers being retained. We need to know at what stage the project is.

The universe moves in the same direction for everyone and there is no difference between me , you and for that matter any major star on the planet when it comes to living. We are all here breathing air. You have to be realistic with your expectations. The music must be good and have good lyrics. Once we have this sorted then you are well on your way. Most of all do not be afraid to ask questions. As someone once said " Ask and you shall receive " . I think that puts it all into perspective.

You can email me your details to gordon@gordonwaller.com