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JULY 2009

It is with sadness that I write that Gordon Waller has passed away. He will be sadly missed and I am sure that Heaven is a little bit more lively now he has arrived to talk to his friends and sing many of all our loved ones there some great songs. One song in particular that we can all do with a listen to now and then is " World Without Love ". This was the song that Peter and Gordon took to No 1 world wide back in the 60's. Gordon Waller went into cardiac arrest on the evening of July 16, 2009 and died early in the morning of July 17, 2009 at a hospital near his home in Connecticut.
Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller, born on June 4th, 1945 in Braemar, Scotland was a singer/songwriter/Guitarist and he is was best known as "Gordon" of 1960s duo Peter and Gordon, whose biggest hit was "A World Without Love". While attending Westminster School, he first met fellow student Peter Asher, and they began playing together as a duo, "Peter & Gordon"

Peter Asher is the older brother of actress and businesswoman Jane Asher, who in the mid-1960s was girlfriend of The Beatles' Paul McCartney. Through this connection he and Gordon were often provide with the opportunity to listen to and or record the unrecorded Lennon-McCartney songs. Most notably their first and biggest hit, 1964's decidedly Beatlesque "A World Without Love" was penned by Lennon and McCartney.

After Peter & Gordon disbanded in 1968, Peter, took charge of the A&R department at The Beatles' Apple Records label, where he signed a then-unknown James Taylor and agreed to produce the singer-songwriter's debut solo album. The album was not a success, but Peter was so convinced that Taylor held great potential that he resigned his post at Apple to move to the United States and work as Taylor's manager. He also produced Taylor's recording over several decades.

In recent years Peter and Gordon came back together and the magic was rekindled. Tours and various performances have been made and on July 19, 2008 Peter & Gordon performed together at The Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, on the bill that night were Chad & Jeremy with whom both duos sang the final concert song (BYE BYE LOVE) together for only the second time ever. On August 21, 2008, they performed a free concert on the pier in Santa Monica, California, briefly accompanied by Joan Baez to standing ovations and a crowd of 17,000 + attending. You can get a sample here of their recent live sound with their performance of " World Without Love " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnZklQdQnCM

I was fortunate to have had the great pleasure to work with Gordon and to interview him along with some of his great friends including John Walker, Mel Carter and Chris Montez. They were amazing interviews and they took you straight to the 60's and the hey day of the British Invasion. Gordon talked about his adventures with Peter, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Beatles tours, Mel, John Walker, Chris Montez, his family, the trains he loved and most of all just life and music. His friends are true gents and a test to the character of any man to have friends that he can call on to visit that go back over 40 to 50 years. We will all miss him and his zest for music, trains and all things that were rolled into the package that was Gordon Waller. We will make these interviews available on the website in the coming week for all to download and I hope that everyone enjoys them as much as we did recording them.

You can visit his website for all the latest news at www.gordonwaller.com and if you would like to see the great Peter and Gordon in action then please feel free to click on the link to see the Peter and Gordon Web TV http://bluepie.mysiteeasy.com/peterandgordon

Rest in peace Gordon. All out love and warm wishes are sent to his family, his ex Wife Georgina and his long time friend and musical partner Peter Asher. Our love and warm thoughts are with you all.


Damien Reilly
Blue Pie