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27-29/03/2009 - The Fest For Beatles Fans, Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel, Secaucus, New Jersey, United States

The Fest For Beatles Fans, as outlined above, was an important festival for Peter and Gordon. The 2009 festival is no exception. Mere months before Gordon tragically left this world on July 17, 2009, this festival would not be missed, and forever remains one of his favourite events in the memories of all who followed Peter and Gordon.


07/02/2008 - 'A World Without Love' show, Pollstar's 19th Annual Concert Industry Awards, from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live, Los Angeles

This is a fitting Swan Song for Gordon, as he sadly passed away a year after this was filmed. Even still, he had one more festival left in him, and him singing the notes he used to is a heart-touching moment that we are fortunate to have here, captured on film! This is a bittersweet chapter in Gordon's life, and is always a beautiful thing to revisit.


22-23/07/2006 - Peter and Gordon + The Yardbirds Lock 3 Live Akron OH USA - Peter and Gordon + Herman's Hermits and the Turtles Humphrey's San Diego CA

Who can grow up in the golden era of music and also forget Peter and Gordon? The same people who can forget the Yardbirds and their frontman Keith Relf... that is to say, nobody could possibly forget once they were exposed. This is true also for Ohio and San Diego, as these concerts were truly something special, with the audience loving every bit of it!


11-13/08/2006 - Peter and Gordon @ the "Fest for Beatles Fans" Hyatt Regency O 'Hare, Chicago IL - Peter and Gordon concert, Hyatt Regency O 'Hare, Chicago IL

The Fest For Beatles Fans is a traditional gathering for those who still follow this most prestigious of innovators, the Beatles! And of course, all those who followed in the wake of the new era of music and helped define the "Beatle age" also helped make such meetings special enough that they're still being thrown year after year!


6-7/09/2006-9/09/2006 - Peter and Gordon concert, Hyatt Regency O 'Hare, Chicago IL - Peter and Gordon concert Casino Rama Rama, Ontario, Canada

These 2006 tour dates saw Peter and Gordon roadtripping from the USA to Canada, pleasing music lovers' ears along the way! You can see why the world was excited for their return, not only because they got to hear more quality music from the stars, but also because their music had a chance to reach all new listeners and change their lives forever!


29/12/2006 - The Fest For Beatles Fans, Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel, Secaucus, New Jersey, United States

Once again, the Fest For Beatles Fans is a must-attend for Gordon, and Peter & Gordon would surely never be forgotten by the attendees! The Fest is an important cultural landmark in musical tradition. At the time of writing, COVID-19 is making this year look quite unlikely, but you can guarantee that this festival won't be down forever - it was this sort of gathering that Peter and Gordon rightfully placed their faith and interest into!


02/08/2005 - Peter & Gordon Live on Arenata Coliseum, Manila/Philippines - Peter & Gordon Reformed For A Special Concert

This concert was at BB KINGS Club. At the epicenter of the new Disneyfied Times Square area on its most frenetic stretch, 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, is the flashy B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. This subterranean colossus, one of New York City's newest supper clubs, is becoming an entertainment Mecca for Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Pop music performers and their adoring fans. Peter and Gordon fit right in!


13/02/2005 - Gordon's comeback, Aliw Theater on Roxas Boulevard, Philippines

Gordon Waller - the voice of the British Invasion duet Peter and Gordonā€“topbilled a star-studded show and enthralled a large audience at the Aliw Theater on Roxas Boulevard. This wasn't the first time Gordon has charmed his fans in the Phillipines, but it was a memorable year for music in 2005 when he stormed the stage once again!